Lynn Steger Strong in conversation with Michele Filgate

  • Greenlight Bookstore 686 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

Debut author Lynn Steger Strong traces the anatomy of a mistake and the weight of culpability in her highly praised novel Hold Still. When Maya Taylor, an English professor with a tendency to hide in her books, sends her daughter to Florida to look after a friend’s child, she does so with the best of intentions; it’s a chance for Ellie, twenty and spiraling, to rebuild her life. But Ellie fears she’ll only disappoint again, and in the sprawling hours of one humid afternoon, she makes a mistake that she can’t take back. In two separate timelines—before and after the catastrophe—Maya and Ellie must try to repair their fractured relationship and find a way to transcend not only their differences but also their more troubling similarities. Hold Still has been highly praised by fellow authors including Richard Ford, Victor LaValle, and Heidi Julavits, who writes “I feel like Strong broke a code that nobody else has broken. She allows us to better understand what we often see but fail to fully comprehend.” Strong talks about her novel with writer Michele Filgate.