Slice Literary Writers' Conference: The Inner Critic

  • St. Francis College 180 Remsen Street Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States

We all know that voice…That nagging little demon that tells us we don’t have a story to tell; that our novel is cliché; that nobody will care about our memoir; that our characters are boring; that our manuscript will never sell. How do we manage to write anything with that inner critic constantly buzzing? A team of authors talk about how they slay the inner demons that try to stop their writing. They’ll also pinpoint moments when the inner critic is surprisingly helpful.

Panelists: Maria Dahvana Headley, Author, Magonia; Ashley C. Ford, Author/Editor/Public Speaker, Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture (an upcoming anthology, co-edited with Roxane Gay); Lynn Steger Strong, Author, Hold Still; Ted Thompson, Author, The Land of Steady Habits

Moderator: Michele Filgate, Essayist, Critic & Freelance Writer